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Re-usable face masks

100% Re-Usable

Hand wash-able

Sustainable Alternative

to disposable, non-recyclable masks

PM 2.5 filters

To filter the air you breathe




Protecting our Pilots as they keep Hong Kong moving.

Without the ability to move cargo around the world during this difficult time, our cities would grind to a stop.

Thank you for letting us protect you, while you protect us!

100% Sustanable

protecting us, while protecting the environment

Our Customers Believe in us

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Meet Rachel

the sh-e-o


Founder & SH-E-O

Hi, I’m Rachel; Founder & SH-E-O of Re-mask

The inspiration behind the company…

Face masks have been a part of life in Asia ever since the SARS outbreak in 2002. Recent events have escalated the need for them. 

At first, most of the general population was resorting to ordinary, surgical, one-time use masks. Although inexpensive, they are inefficient and un-environmentally friendly. 

Other masks, although more efficient, are increasingly more expensive and yet still have a limited useful life.

I wanted to develop a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative that could worn fashionably and thus Re-mask was born!



Protect You & The Environment

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